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A leading global investment and incubation platform, unlocking values in people, propelling growth in enterprise.



The ideal program to provide ample opportunities for Angel Investors or Private Equities.


Open up network opportunities with Far East Investors and Entrepreneurs.



Access your current business model to have a clear Financial Roadmap


What type of funds is best for your business? Which type of people is best as your investors at this stage?


See beyond your limited scope, create hidden business models and build visibility and clarity in your business.

About MOC Capital

  • MOC Capital aspires to be a leading global investment and incubation platform, unlocking values in people, propelling growth in enterprise. It believes that capital is the fuel of any business and community.
  • Through its strategic incubation centre and a bridging platform, it aims to help companies and entrepreneurs stabilize, grow and thrive while their businesses transform from a sole proprietor or family owned business, into an investable and bankable entity.
  • Through a platform combining education on capital mechanism and creating events, entrepreneurs share their experiences, meet investors, and conduct roadshows, benefits to all the parties are tremendous through a common goal of incubating emerging entrepreneurs that will be the wellspring of our society.

Fund raising? Looking for a bankable project?

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  • Want to provide more than just money?
  • Seeking to invest in businesses with strong business models & stronger principals?
  • Looking for constant growth and clear exit strategies in your investments?
  • If you believe investment is essentially investing first in People, you will find MOC Capital platform as the ideal program to provide ample opportunities for you as Angel Investors or Private Equity.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Putting Capital Mechanism to Work for You

  • Whether you’ve been in business one week or ten years, an infusion of funds is always the fuel to propel your enterprise, but what type of funds is best for your business?
  • Which type of people are best as your investors at this stage?
  • There are many factors to consider, from accessing your current business model to having a clear Financial Roadmap – just deciding how or where to start as fund raising can be overwhelming.
  • Many business owners fail to grow and expand their operations because they do not understand the Capital Mechanism.
  • Are you searching for guidance on how to add value to current unseen opportunities?
  • If your day to day agenda consists of generating revenue through product sales and services, consider this and start accumulating wealth by entering the Capital Market.

The Seminar

This seminar is aimed at creating a mind set change by adopting the Capital Market approach.

Known as “The Miracles of Capital”, the course takes its name and meaning from the Chinese literal sense of “that which is not logical must therefore be a miracle”. The seminar is part of the broader global roll-out from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China.

Next scheduled courses:

09 to 11 May 2017 – Johannesburg

Course Features:

The course is designed for business owners, CEO, COO, CFOs and potential investors. It covers the strategic design of a bankable company with a clear exit strategy for founders and investors.

You are brought into the insights of:

  • Dissected business models;
  • Corporate analysis;
  • Mechanics of corporate planning;
  • Risk profiling, risk appetite as well as protection;
  • Investment restructuring strategies

 Over the three days participants will explore the topics of:

Day 1: Business Model Design

By the end of the day participants will be able to review businesses and identify various methods by which the business model can be transformed to create sustainable profit in the face of competition.

Day 2: Business Growth

The concepts of corporate finance are presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner making them understandable by individuals with even limited finance experience.

Day 3: Corporate Structuring and Management

The final outcomes of the course are useful and powerful yet implementable action plans that allow participants to re-map their entire corporate strategies and corporate cultures.



“Any resource put into an uncontrollable-outcome is called

gambling, while any resource put into a controlled-outcome is

called an investment.”

– Dr Jeh Shyan Wong



Dr. Wong serves as a Consulting Partner in CNSG Consulting Group, and holds directorship with indirect interest in more than ten private equity and venture capital firms in China, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa. The former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore is known for his acumen in financial engineering. He is a highly sought after mentor, especially in cross boundary pilot projects.


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