MOC Course Objectives

Through the MOC Programme, you will discover how to:

  • Develop a customised business model that will augment your business
  • Organise your business model strategically to gain market share
  • Devise an exit strategy for your business
  • Interest investors and venture capitalists
  • Draw likeminded talents
  • Create a strong corporate vision

Through the MOC, you will demolish preconceived business ideas, gain fresh insight and advance your company towards achieving your vision business ideas, gain fresh insight and advance your company towards achieving your vision.

10 activities of MOC

  1. MOC program – Principles of fund raising.
  2. GER conferences – International funding conferences.
  3. CEO networking events – Network with successful CEOs.
  4. Capital raising roadshows – Raise millions for your business
  5. Business models brainstorming sessions – see how to improve business.
  6. Capital centre meetings – Contact capital centres with loads of projects.
  7. Entrepreneurs & projects visitation – visit businesses of our friends.
  8. Overseas learning n recreation activities – See international business